News - Familiy Meeting 2005
News - Familiy Meeting 2005
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Welcome to our website!

The descendants of Bartold Grosbert, who at the moment seems to be the oldest identifiable ancestor of people with the surname Grossberndt, are subject of this website.

The Name

It looks as if every person named Grossberndt today is a descendant of Bartold Grosbert who was born in 1595. He lived in Sielen, a little village which today is a part of the small city of Trendelburg (about 30 km north of Kassel) in North Hesse in Germany. Many descendants of Bartold Grosbert were smiths and wagon builders in Trendelburg and around.


We want to find out who the descendants of Bartold Grosbert were, where they lived and what became of them and we want to show this here in the website!



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