News - Familiy Meeting 2005
News - Familiy Meeting 2005
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Grossberndt, Grosbernd or Grotebeer?

The spelling of the family name changed again and again in the course of the centuries. It starts with Grosbert and Grotebeer in the church registers for the oldest ancestor in 1595, with many variations, until today’s spellings Großbernd, Großberndt and Grossberndt.

In our website we use the spelling "Grossberndt" throughout for reasons of simplification.

We think it is sensible to simplify in order to enable better sorting in the lists and table of the website and to exclude double quotations. We decided on "ss" instead of "ß" because it is also the standard for the non-German-speaking areas, and "dt" because this spelling is widespread.

So if you should find yourself in one of the tables with "wrong" spelling - this is why!

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