News - Familiy Meeting 2005
News - Familiy Meeting 2005
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Sielen (2001: c 630 inhabitants)

View of Sielen 2000

View of Sielen 2000
(Photo: Schmidt - Informations- broschüre Trendelburg 2001)


first mentioned in a document („Silhern“) as a village in the possession of the monastery Corvey on the Weser river

since 1429

permanently in the possession of the Hessian Landgraves

1618 - 1648

totally destroyed in the Thirty Years’ War, reconstruction in the local („diemelsächsisch“) traditional timberframe style with examples still existing today

Over centuries agriculture was the main source of income.

In the 18th century crafts reached some importance, mostly linen weaving and mills.

Today there are only a few independent farms left, more are farmed as second occupation. But most of the inhabitants commute to near towns.

(Source: Brochure Trendelburg, 2001)

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