News - Familiy Meeting 2005
News - Familiy Meeting 2005
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The information used in this website came - if not cited otherwise - from entries in church registers, adress books, population registers and from what we were told by relatives, neighbours and friends.
Special thanks to Dr Taenzer, Gernsheim, whose compilations from the church registers of Trendelburg and Sielen were enormously helpful.

Thank you very much!

Albrecht H. in Marburg

Gina R. in Kassel

Klärchen B. in Gottsbüren

Anna I. in Bad Karlshafen

Gretel G. in Friedrichsfeld

Kurt G. in Gieselwerder

Annchen F. in Kaufungen

Hanna S. in Borgholz

Liesel B. in Hofgeismar

Bärbel A. in Gottsbüren

Hannelore O. in Kassel

Lieselotte H. in Hümme

Christa G. in Schöneberg

Hans Gerhard V. in Trendelburg

Manfred D. in Kassel

Christa H. in Marburg

Heinrich H. in Friedrichsfeld

Mariechen G. in Gottsbüren

Dieter U. in Trendelburg

Helga G. in Hümme

Paul G. in Bad Laasphe

Dirk A. in Hümme

Ilse B. in Hofgeismar

Vera F. in Immenhausen

Elke K. in Friedrichsfeld

Inge F. in Großenritte

Volker B. in Kassel

Elke R. in Langgöns

Jeanette H. in Friedrichsfeld

Waltraud G. in Kassel

Erhard F. in Immenhausen

Jürgen B. in Friedrichsfeld

William R. G. in Kanada

Ferdinand S. in Hofgeismar

Karla S. in Kassel


And hopefully we did not leave out anybody!

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